Nathan Gathright is product designer advocating for the open podcasting ecosystem.


As an avid consumer of podcasts, I have noticed over the years that most podcasters employ a very weak call to action to promote their shows: "Find us wherever you download podcasts." What everyone needed, I thought, was an easy-to-read aloud URL that still offered listeners links to their preferred apps. I decided to build a simple solution that addressed this for the majority

Bestow Marketing Site

Though Bestow’s market is young and internet-savvy, investors grew concerned that the brand was too immature and wasn’t being taken seriously as an up-and-coming major financial tech product. To address investors’ concerns, we pivoted the branding away from cutesy iconography and a color palette of teal, yellow, and orange toward a newly professional but approachable design in forest green and millennial pink.

Make Your Own Luck

Promoting the NSSC provided a great opportunity to “Make Your Own Luck.”

McDonald’s Social

Moroch needed a site to show off the McDonald's social media team’s best work of the year.

Fantasy ADDYs

The Dallas ADDYs needed to increase participation and entries for their 2016 award show. My team designed and built the “Fantasy Advertising Draft”— a reason for agencies to celebrate their rivals’ victories.