I launched Podlink in 2018 to make sharing links to the podcasts you love easier. I sold it at the end of 2020, and Spotify laid me off in 2023, but I still wanted to iterate on that mission. Today, I’m excited to announce an early preview of The complete feature set is still in progress, but I’d like to

Examining Update Frequency: Two Years Later

In April 2021, Apple Podcasts let podcasters specify an Update Frequency to help listeners know how often podcasts plan to update their show with new episodes. Two years later, I wanted to revisit that analysis and propose a way to bring this feature to all podcast apps. Adoption In July 2021, when Dan Misener sampled 1,896,631 podcasts, he estimated that 256,635

My Chicago Office

Last fall, I moved to Chicago and had a chance to redesign my remote work setup. This was my first time setting up a dedicated office (as opposed to a corner of the living room), working fully remote. With a new job and a generous WFH stipend, I invested a lot of time into finding the perfect gear to improve my workstation, so here’

Why is sharing podcast episodes such a pain?

Every time I hear, “find us wherever you get your podcasts,” I’m reminded of how little pride podcasters take in their websites. Reciting their domain name at the end of an episode would surely be the most memorable call-to-action, but the common convention would tell you to just say, “figure it out yourself!” If you understand how RSS feeds work in blogging and

Leveling-up custom search keywords with JavaScript

Modern browsers have so much hidden complexity that I shouldn't be surprised when I discover something new to me that’s been around for a long time. But imagine my surprise when I realize a feature I thought I knew well was even more powerful than I knew. Custom search engines The simplest version of this feature lets you define a custom keyword for

Facebook Podcasts

Facebook’s announced their new Podcast Service. Better yet, they’ve released the terms and conditions too! 🤪 Let’s dig in and see if there's anything interesting. ✂️ Podcasters grant Facebook the right to "create derivative works of" their content, which probably refers to the clips feature, which you have to explicitly enable in the onboarding for podcasters. ☁️ Facebook also gets permission to cache your

My Pandemic Workstation

After a few months of the pandemic, I decided that working from my kitchen table wasn’t going to be a sufficient long-term solution. I cancelled my co-working space membership, re-arranged my living room, and built out a functional space for myself. Desk After looking around for a desk that wouldn’t look out of place in the corner of my living room, I

A simple guide to recording your USB microphone in social audio apps

With all the buzz around social audio apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, there’s a lot of people looking to improve their audio quality on iOS. But if you’re not a professional podcaster, introducing XLR cables and audio interfaces to your setup might be a bridge too far. If you’re just starting out and want as little fussy hardware as possible,

What do Apple’s new subscriptions mean for podcast advertising?

Apple’s recently announcement that publishers will be able to offer premium subscriptions to listeners has people curious about what this means for podcast advertising. Let’s dive into the specifics. Publishers can choose between free, freemium, or paid Apple Podcasts has always supported free shows, but they are now introducing 2 new options. Freemium shows can be regular RSS feeds with additional benefits

Understanding Apple Podcasts’ new 2×2 grid

Yesterday, Justin Jackson took a stab at renaming the confusing new options in Apple Podcasts Connect. There has to be a way of delineating these two a regular public show, which is based on an RSS feed, hosted elsewhere off of Apple. And a premium subscription show. I’m not sure his changes really hit the mark. I believe you’ll be able to

The Future of Apple Podcasts

I read through the “Apple Podcasters Program Agreement” and related documentation so you don’t have to. Here’s a thread of 11 things that caught my eye that I hadn’t seen mentioned anywhere else. 1. ☁️  For the first time ever, Apple is offering first-party podcast hosting (in addition to third-party hosting providers). You can create a show with subscriber-only benefits available only

Podsights has acquired PodLink

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of building and growing PodLink to make it easier for people to share links to their favorite podcasts. From Vox, to Google Chrome Developers, to Xzibit, I’ve watched it reach audiences beyond my wildest expectations. Today, I have a major announcement for the product. PodLink has been acquired by Podsights. Never fear, the

Joe Rogan and Podcasting’s Milkshake

Spotify recently announced an exclusive partnership with Joe Rogan. This latest salvo in the “podcast wars” invites everyone to consider what this could mean for the future of podcasting. The hot take that won’t die is the fear that Spotify wants to become The Netflix of Podcasting. But I was drawn to a different point of view. When Andrew Wilkinson advocated that Joe

The Netflix of Podcasting

Last April, Luminary made waves proclaiming that “Podcasts don’t need ads” and pitched themselves as the “Netflix of Podcasting” These days, after acquisitions like Gimlet and The Ringer, I hear many people assuming that Spotify is using the same playbook. But if you presume that Spotify just wants to put podcasts behind a paywall to sell more Premium subscriptions, you’re not paying