Nathan Gathright
1 min read
As an avid consumer of podcasts, I have noticed over the years that most podcasters employ a very weak call to action to promote their shows: "Find us wherever you download podcasts." What everyone needed, I thought, was an easy-to-read aloud URL that still offered listeners links to their preferred
Bestow Marketing Site
1 min read
Though Bestow’s market is young and internet-savvy, investors grew concerned that the brand was too immature and wasn’t being taken seriously as an up-and-coming major financial tech product. To address investors’ concerns, we pivoted the branding away from cutesy iconography and a color palette of teal, yellow, and
Fantasy ADDYs
1 min read
The Dallas ADDYs needed to increase participation and entries for their 2016 award show. My team designed and built the “Fantasy Advertising Draft”— a reason for agencies to celebrate their rivals’ victories.