Nathan Gathright

Nathan Gathright

Examining Update Frequency: Two Years Later

In April 2021, Apple Podcasts let podcasters specify an Update Frequency to help listeners know how often podcasts plan to update their show with new episodes. Two years later, I wanted to revisit that analysis and propose a way to bring this feature to all podcast apps. Adoption In July 2021, when Dan Misener sampled 1,896,631 podcasts, he estimated that 256,635

Spotify Podcast Inbox

Spotify’s music recommendations are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry, but that hasn’t led to similar success in podcasting. The consumption patterns are too dissimilar, and to offer better recommendations, our algorithms needed better ways to separate the signal from the noise.

My Chicago Office

Last fall, I moved to Chicago and had a chance to redesign my remote work setup. This was my first time setting up a dedicated office (as opposed to a corner of the living room), working fully remote. With a new job and a generous WFH stipend, I invested a lot of time into finding the perfect gear to improve my workstation, so here’

Why is sharing podcast episodes such a pain?

Every time I hear, “find us wherever you get your podcasts,” I’m reminded of how little pride podcasters take in their websites. Reciting their domain name at the end of an episode would surely be the most memorable call-to-action, but the common convention would tell you to just say, “figure it out yourself!” If you understand how RSS feeds work in blogging and